Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012

2nd Fishing Trip

hari ni 7Feb'12,
second time pergi memancing dengan bendul dekat tasik,
memula kami pergi tasik dekat kulim, casting punya casting..
langsung tak dak bite.
sembang sembang dengan pakcik local yang mai lalu situ,
dia kata situ toman dok main.
ceritanya ada lah orang dok mai mancing,
bawak naik sepanjang setengah depa..

ok ok pakcik, kami paham
tapi katanya mancing toman kat situ kena pakai umpan idup.
humm nanti bila dah level 12 nanti kita gi toman jom!

lepaih tu kami pi tasik kat serdang kedah.
ada dua tasik, kami amik belah kiri.
pun gagal gak.. kumpao.
herannya nampak ikan dok menangkap.
tp tak dak patuk umpan pun..

ohh!! topi n spek mata polarizer memang perlu utk mancing.
bila matahari menyinari water surface, memang lah silaunya
nak tengok gewang

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


hey hey!! my second batch of spawning turned out interesting,
first of all i got one beautiful halfmoom salamander,
(If u can call it a salamander)
but the tail was bitten off..
so sayang.
then.. got one a lot of female rather then males..
why haa?

this picture was one of the siblings..
why is the fin like dat?

Friday, 27 May 2011

sick fish?

is this fish sick?
am going to spawn this with a white female i have.
sure hope it wont die off during the intercourse :D

according to some of the sifus in Malaysian Aquarium Community Forum,
this fish is not sice, the marble genetics is kicking in.
now tell me, for a non experienced people like me,
how would i know.
anyway, this is the newest photo of the poor 'daddy'
am trying to spawn it now.
hope the best result come through :D

Friday, 21 January 2011

Artemia Log

am going to make a log about this artemia i'm cooking for the babies.
lets start by the mixture

110122 0030 am :
Mixed 2 spoon full of cooking salt in 1.5liter of water.
am using a plastic candy jar with those red top as the container.
Pour in half a spoon of artemia eggs i got from chaileng park.
let the air pumping inside. Supposedly by 1800 (Same date),
the artemia should swimming happily already.

110122 1800 :
Came back home and shut the air pump down,
let the water current settle down with light from a torchlight
shining tru from the side, With this method, the artemia
should come gathering at the light source.
Nope!! its not!! caust most of them havent hatched.

110122 2100 :
and so i checked again, this time it hatched.
hundreds of artemia born and swimming all over the light source.
Siphon it out onto a piece of cloth to take only the artemia.
Let some clean water runs through to clean it up a bit and let it
swim in fresh water (This is to remove the salt as much as u can)
Use a straw or a pipette to take the artemia out of the new fresh
water and feed them to our 'MuayThai-Fighter' :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Betta Breeding Journal 01 + 02

Pipet note:
this time i'm trying to breed my so called super red veil tail
(A cheap one actually)
with a common female ,black blue and a bit of red in the edge
of the dorsal fin. lets call them the Red Couple.

and also i got itchy to let another couple giving a try.
a cheap turquoise male short tail plakat with its own siblings
a somewhat turquoise with red stripe.
Lets call them the turquoise Couple.

110110 Red Female exposed (In the cage doing its pole dancing all day)
110111 Still exposing the Red Female
110112 Turquoise Female Exposed
110113 Both Female released to mate.
110114 i did checked, i tot nothing happened. No eggs was released.
110115 checked, nothing out of the ordinary.
my brother told me they will mate if the light is out.
so i took the lights out.
110116 came back by 1800, tiny tails coming out of the nest!! waah!!
both male is now busy collecting the young fry dat fall.
suspected the fry hatched on the 15th evening
110117 Gave them some artemia dat i've prepared earlier.
Took out both male. and fed them the same artemia,
this was found out later to be a mistake.
2 days old fry still needs the father.
2 days old fry dont eat artemia.
110118 went to thailand for some work matter...
was thinking if i could actually took some time to go to a betta farm
there, it would be heaven for me.
110119 landed in malaysia and checked the fry at 2300.
they're now swimming a lot more.
Vacuum the tank floor.
replaced with new fresh water from my other planted tank.
Red tank was kept as less current as possible.
still there was 4 fry got into the hose. Returned them back.
The Turquoise tank however suffer a great mistake.
the current was max!! best say that i stir my morning coffee
with less force then what the fry might be feeling.
110120 0940 prepare a new mixture of artemia
tried giving them the egg yolk, no.. they're not buying it.
Turquoise tank ended up with less then 20 fry survived.
it was less in the beginning anyway.
Suspected due to the less time for the Turquoise Female being exposed
The Red tank however ended up with less casualties.
yes we can see 2 dead fry lying on the tank floor. But that is it.
estimated fry qty might from 100-150
all static in the same location, pedalling with their caudal fin kot.

110121 if consider that the birthday of the little fish is somewhat
between 15 or 16th of January, They today they should be 1 week
of age already. Feeding them with artemia today.
Couldnt see them munching on those little sucker though.
-they're starting to have colours... red in their belly.
i dont know whether that is their colour or not..
but that shows progress.
Their swimming improved!!
cant wait till its their second week.
cause i have to remove them into their community tank.
which will fall early February,
Wait a minute... i'm moving on early February!!

Monday, 17 January 2011


I came back on sunday eagerly to know whether my betta 'did' it already.
Was hoping to find some eggs floating around in between of the bubble.
But i was shocked to find small small tiny ekor sticking out from the bubble.
Wah.. they dont only 'did' it, the eggs even hatched!!

so now i'm in the process of making the artemia.
dont know how but will ask around.

waahh!! and i have to fly to thailand tomorrow!!
will my baby be alive and well without me here?
i wont know.

See u thursday babes!!