Thursday, 15 July 2010


i have read somewhere,
that an inch of fish should be placed in a 4x4inches of space
for it to swim around. But a fish swims in all three axis therefore,
what about z axis? well lets just consider bout the surface and not
depth shall we?
So!! a standard 2 feet tank would have 24 x 12 inches of swimming
surface isnt it? if we consider 4 x 4 is a block of one fish,
then 24 x 12 should have 18 blocks of fish right?
meaning, if i am to keep an inch each of fish, i can have 18 of them!!
now i've also read somewhere that 1 gallon per 1 inch of fish,
a standard two feet tank is about 10 US gallons.. so i can either own
1) 10 pcs of one inch fish or!!
2) 1 piece of a 10 inch fish heheheh,
i'm going with the first option.
therefore, i have bought
8 pieces of Neon Tetra,
2 mollies,
to keep my EsAyEe company..
and guess what?The Neon Tetra didnt survive...
am blaming it on the water chemistry,
i think my cycle is not completed yet.
here i am,
2 tetras,
2 mollies,
2 EsAyEes
no this is not the noah's ark.. humm humm

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

July Riskep De4

-Remove the blue BG,
-Flattened the sand,
-Add in the EsAyEe
-Add in a few more stone...
here u go...
Riskep De4

Friday, 9 July 2010


...and so i woke up at 1230 am,
had to wait till half an hour till my senses kicks in.

Started to make the temporary tank for my EsAyEe,
bought a cheap filter just for them.
THe plastic jar? 1 ringgit :D

2am EsAyEe transfered, so does the shrimp,
kinda felt it'll be over stock cause of the temp tank size...
but they have to bear with me for 10 days...

Siphon out all the original gravel, found out that this is
better then having to bring your fragile tank to a water
source and hose down all the gravel.
But What if the water level got too low for u to siphon it out?
Just add water laaahhh!!

Tank is cleaned, back film already installed.
Found out that it is not as i imagined it to be.
The film is not as soft as how i thought it should be,
Tips 1)
Cut the whole thing first, u'll end up with
improper cutting on the edge.
Tips 2) as everybody knows it already...
soap water on glass surface, apply,
credit card to remove bubble.

Partition for the type of gravel.
As i am using white sand and my old gravel,
I have to put some partition to make sure they dont mix.
Tips 1) best to use a soft carton box same material like
the tissue box. For better shape and control.
Tips 2) Good tape that dont stick its residue on the glass surface.
Tips 3) when buying stone, consider stones to guide
this partition too, u can put them to produce the contour u need.

every pot of the grass was devided into two,
so does HC. am planting them deep!
as i was told the tend to float a bit.

the slow part. trickling the water into the tank,
a bucket on a stool and the air line tube to flow the water in.
This was too slow!! Too slow... adehlaaa...
but the efect was nice.
Water was not cloudy,
my scape stays intact,
by the time the water level is half the tank height,
u can start to use cups to pour the water in.
With much caution though!
cause u dont want the pouring height produce
a force that will ruin your scape.
Tips 1) You'll find the surface Aquasoil amazonia II
did float by this method.
U just have to touch the floating grains and they'll sink right in.

Go to work!! adehlaaaaaa...

Saturday, 3 July 2010

July Rescape

Ok, i know.. its july and i am due for a rescape.
Not to say that the current one is no good or anything,
but the stand where i'm putting my 90kg tank is not
that reliable. (Am using those RM14 book shelf that u can buy from K4..)

so below is my plan..Its suppose to be a glimpse of what u can see on the river bank
where trees root going into the water.
(Yes.. the white sand is suppose to be water)
wanna keep it simple and lots of swimming area for the fauna.
-no tall plant.. Bye bye valisneria
-Hello HC and Blyxa japonica...
-Moss for the shrimp
-Blurred background.. i hope the place i'm going tomorrow have those.
-lots and lots of white sand!! heheheh

New Scape Buy :
-Plant!! Blyxa japonica, HC, any kind of grass...
-Strings to tie down my DW
-main stone!! about the size of my fist, 20cm should do it.
maybe i need to make the stone a bit different colour
from the gravel just to show contrast.
-maybe some other stone to compliment the MainStone (Oyaishi?)
Same colour?
-White Sand ... about 4kg of em

EsAyEe Temp Tank :
-A small water filter, Dont tell my brother but
after i'm done with this water filter, i might be
giving this to him just to 'poison' him:D