Friday, 21 January 2011

Artemia Log

am going to make a log about this artemia i'm cooking for the babies.
lets start by the mixture

110122 0030 am :
Mixed 2 spoon full of cooking salt in 1.5liter of water.
am using a plastic candy jar with those red top as the container.
Pour in half a spoon of artemia eggs i got from chaileng park.
let the air pumping inside. Supposedly by 1800 (Same date),
the artemia should swimming happily already.

110122 1800 :
Came back home and shut the air pump down,
let the water current settle down with light from a torchlight
shining tru from the side, With this method, the artemia
should come gathering at the light source.
Nope!! its not!! caust most of them havent hatched.

110122 2100 :
and so i checked again, this time it hatched.
hundreds of artemia born and swimming all over the light source.
Siphon it out onto a piece of cloth to take only the artemia.
Let some clean water runs through to clean it up a bit and let it
swim in fresh water (This is to remove the salt as much as u can)
Use a straw or a pipette to take the artemia out of the new fresh
water and feed them to our 'MuayThai-Fighter' :)

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