Thursday, 15 July 2010


i have read somewhere,
that an inch of fish should be placed in a 4x4inches of space
for it to swim around. But a fish swims in all three axis therefore,
what about z axis? well lets just consider bout the surface and not
depth shall we?
So!! a standard 2 feet tank would have 24 x 12 inches of swimming
surface isnt it? if we consider 4 x 4 is a block of one fish,
then 24 x 12 should have 18 blocks of fish right?
meaning, if i am to keep an inch each of fish, i can have 18 of them!!
now i've also read somewhere that 1 gallon per 1 inch of fish,
a standard two feet tank is about 10 US gallons.. so i can either own
1) 10 pcs of one inch fish or!!
2) 1 piece of a 10 inch fish heheheh,
i'm going with the first option.
therefore, i have bought
8 pieces of Neon Tetra,
2 mollies,
to keep my EsAyEe company..
and guess what?The Neon Tetra didnt survive...
am blaming it on the water chemistry,
i think my cycle is not completed yet.
here i am,
2 tetras,
2 mollies,
2 EsAyEes
no this is not the noah's ark.. humm humm

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