Saturday, 3 July 2010

July Rescape

Ok, i know.. its july and i am due for a rescape.
Not to say that the current one is no good or anything,
but the stand where i'm putting my 90kg tank is not
that reliable. (Am using those RM14 book shelf that u can buy from K4..)

so below is my plan..Its suppose to be a glimpse of what u can see on the river bank
where trees root going into the water.
(Yes.. the white sand is suppose to be water)
wanna keep it simple and lots of swimming area for the fauna.
-no tall plant.. Bye bye valisneria
-Hello HC and Blyxa japonica...
-Moss for the shrimp
-Blurred background.. i hope the place i'm going tomorrow have those.
-lots and lots of white sand!! heheheh

New Scape Buy :
-Plant!! Blyxa japonica, HC, any kind of grass...
-Strings to tie down my DW
-main stone!! about the size of my fist, 20cm should do it.
maybe i need to make the stone a bit different colour
from the gravel just to show contrast.
-maybe some other stone to compliment the MainStone (Oyaishi?)
Same colour?
-White Sand ... about 4kg of em

EsAyEe Temp Tank :
-A small water filter, Dont tell my brother but
after i'm done with this water filter, i might be
giving this to him just to 'poison' him:D

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