Sunday, 19 September 2010


I am trying to fertilize my tank,
i dont know how but will try..
a lot to study,
tons to read!!

but what i know would be..
Plant need two forms of nutrient:
Macronutrient :
Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus (P)
Kalium / Phosphate (K)

Micronutrient :
Cu .. Mg... Fe... Ca... and a lot more..
(Will put in the detail after)

Lets talk about Macro first:
this NPK can be supply with 2 chemical
available in the market.
KNO3 for the K and N
KH2PO4 for the P and K

but the problem is... those chemical is not cheap!!

Question for me to study...
will spritzer mineral water be one of the provider for K?

humm hummmm...

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