Sunday, 19 September 2010

DiAiWaiCo2 Log 3

New Recipe:
1 tea spoon of Mauri-Pan Yeast
1/4 tea spoon of Sodium biCarbonate
200ml of sugar dilluted in...
1.5litre of water
this is the minimum ammount of Yeast i've ever
tried. The whole pack of yeast was 11gm,
i think this time is a quater of the whole pack..
or maybe even less.
Mix the yeast and sodium bicarbonate dry.
Put into the 1.5litre bottle with sugar water in it,
Shake vigorously and walla..
no foam forming.
Not even the usual brownish color foam.
the color of the solution looks like its still see through.
(Not like the usual one i use to do,
foam building up in a matter of minutes
and the solution color looks somewhat
like 'teh-tarik')

0700 pipe in!! and (Excited!!) gas movement (Sigh*)

0830 Still no gas movement.
Balik kampung..
1830 Came back from balik kampung,
the gas container was full. 1bps

0800 Gas container still full. 1bps
2100 Gas COntainer still full. 0.5bps (Oh oh! reducing?)

0645 GasContainer stil full. 0.5bps
i wonder can i reach 7 days?
2100 GasContainer stil full. 0.5bps
tis is actually base on 20bubble for 46 seconds..
now how much would that bring?

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