Sunday, 29 August 2010

August Update

it have been awhile,
i havent been updating.
well got so busy lately even though there is a lot of action with my akvarium.

but then again, u have to understand,
akvarium is a slow action hobby,
slower than this would be 'bonsai'

so pic update with the tank and a list of what happened.1) Diatom is covering all the non moving area in the tank!!
today its showing signs of reduction.
2) added new plant here and there,
new anubias nana
new plant we malay called as Pegaga..
(Its sending new shoot after a day with CO2!! wonders ha)
3)due to the diatom, i havent been cleaning the sand area,
will do so after they are all gone!
4) the blue stone up front is a new stone. i know it'll change
its colour soon :(
5) life stock:
a) 5 black neon tetra
b) 6 neon tetra
c) 2 mollies
d) 2 EsAyEes
e) a few shrimp i dont care that much about hahah

so.. will update soon...
i hope :D

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