Sunday, 13 June 2010


so Pet balik kampung jumaat lepas,
duk risau la jgak takut takut bebudak ni mati plak nanti.
tp apa nak wat, wit tak der lg nak bli timer.
Next thing to buy!! timer utk lampu n makanan!!11/6/10
ngan penuh takut takut nya..tinggalkan la aquarium ni

sampai jer umah, gi check ikan dulu,
ikan tak mati.. tp kebulur lah kot, bagimakan trus jer melahap. sorri sorri...
nanti Pet beli tau!! Timer
Cabomba is shedding its leaf!!
According to the wise one (The internet.. who else?)
this is a sign for lack of light and CO2.The Nana is rooting longer!!
hey i cant wait till my re-scape this july!!
wait and see.. its going to be something.

The Cabomba is rooting to0!!
waaahhhh at least i know that my tank is 'growing'
Val (vallisneria) is shooting new leaf.
Three new leaf for me to watch over..

The swords tail is dead!! 2 at the moment,
i have come to understand that the betta are killing em.
Ahaaaiii... Betta!! off u go!!

Algae?Oh oh.. is it time for me to buy an algae eater already?
oh oh...

(More pic will be updated soon)

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