Friday, 18 June 2010


SInce my tank is having lots and lots of algae lately,
i'm taking action!!
its the Pemakan Alga Siam...
now how do u know this is the actual thing?
look at the black stripe...
it must extend to the back of the tail...

i was told that this fish is the best in the market
for eating algae, It can grow big yes.. but not to
4 to 5 month... well just buy a new one ok...
a smaller one for your 10 gallon tank.

somehow i found that this MPSP fish doesnt do
its work as it should. just spending time more on
the wooden area...

but for this flying fox.. it was told that they even
nibble on the plant!! which is soooo 'arigatai'
havent seen them in action yet.
but will update soon ok:)

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