Monday, 21 June 2010

Es Ay Ee

for Siamese Alaga eater
hey hey, this post is truly for life monitoring of my EsAyEe,
bought it with my brother... from an LFS in sungai petani,
will update the map here.

1830 bought it for RM2.50
two pieces, one smaller one bigger.

2200 introduced my EsAyEe
to my tank, its not eating algae as it should.

0600 the EsAyEe starting to nibble.

1830 my oto is dead!! i wonder if its the EsAyEe fault.

still alive still alive!!
but somehow the colour of the bigger one
is slightly less then the smaller one..
male or female?

1800 gave em pellet to eat,
they're eating em too,
(hope this is not poisoning them after)

60hrs of cleaning my tank!! thanks EsAyEe

2200 still living happily,
am a bit concern bout my july rescape..
will this baby survive the transfer.. hummmm

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